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Webinar Replay: California Lawyers for the Arts Thumbnail

Webinar Replay: California Lawyers for the Arts

It was a pleasure presenting a 2-part webinar series on 'How to Secure Your Financial Future – 5 Simple Steps' and '5 Things You Should Know About Investing' for the California Lawyers for the Arts.

Both are available to view on YouTube. 

California Lawyers for the Arts [CLA] is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 to provide legal services to artists and members of the creative arts community. In 1987, Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts [BALA] joined forces with Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts-Los Angeles [VLA] to form California Lawyers for the Arts as a statewide organization.

CLA is part of an informal network of “Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts” programs that serve artists through state-based organizations throughout the United States. CLA is a multi-faceted arts service organization that provides legal support, alternative dispute resolution services, educational programs and advocacy for the arts and justice reform.