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USC Thornton's Department of Screen Scoring Talk Thumbnail

USC Thornton's Department of Screen Scoring Talk

Tom Rizzo will speaking to the students at the USC Thornton's Department of Screen Scoring master of music program that benefits from its location in the center of the Los Angeles film and television community. The program was founded by the renowned composer, USC Distinguished Professor Morten Lauridsen, the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television graduate-certificate program was launched in the mid 1980s.

Tom will be sharing 4 factors that contribute to becoming a successful artist:

  1. Practice, practice, practice, and, if absolutely necessary, eat and sleep.
  2. Listen, analyze, try things, experiment, assess what you do honestly.
  3. Network-get to know everyone who does what you do.
  4. Save and Invest- 10%-20% of every check starting now.

We'll be updating the website with more details in the coming weeks.