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Plectrum Advisers Shares Insight on How Musicians and Freelance Professionals Can Secure Their Financial Future at the Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference Thumbnail

Plectrum Advisers Shares Insight on How Musicians and Freelance Professionals Can Secure Their Financial Future at the Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference

Los Angeles based guitarist composer and Chief Investment Officer of the wealth management firm Plectrum Advisers (plectrumadvisers.com),Tom Rizzo will be speaking at the  Jazz Education Network conference on Jan 9 to address the unique challenges facing musicians and freelance artists in their journey to achieving financial security.

"My goal in presenting at JEN is to share my life lessons with those starting out in the industry," said Tom Rizzo, Chief Investment Officer, Plectrum Advisers. ‘‘I keep the session interactive and discuss everything from how do you get work and support yourself as a freelance musician, to how musicians can effectively use both left and right brain, to the elements of success: Personality, Power, and Connections."

Tom’s firm, Plectrum Advisers, is specifically tailored to the financial needs of studio musicians, freelancers, music educators, composers and conductors. Tom has also developed the automatic investing app, Plectrum Accelerate, that allows even first time investors to easily create an investment account and make regular automatic monthly contributions to the account. The app will be available for free at the presentation.

About Tom Rizzo:
As a performer, he’s played with Blood Sweat and Tears, Maynard Ferguson,, Brian Wilson, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Holiday, B.B. King, Robin Williams, Natalie Cole, Chaka Kahn, Shirley MacLaine, Jennifer Lopez, and many others. As the guitarist of the Tonight Show Band for ten years, Tom also composed extensively for the band, including Jay Leno’s theme when Jay became the permanent guest host for Johnny Carson.

As a composer, he’s written the music for In Living Color, The Wayans Brothers, as well as hundreds of episodes of various TV episodes, pilots and movies. His composing credits also include commercials and radio shows. He is as adept at symphonic orchestration as he is at jazz ensemble, rock, and choral music. He produced and played for Doc Severinsen’s jazz group “Xebron,” and served as musical director for The ACE Awards and Comic Relief.

About Plectrum Advisers:
Plectrum Advisers is an independent financial planning resource serving the freelance community.  We work with clients on an individual basis to evaluate their needs and goals, both short and long term, to help secure their financial future. Through a comprehensive assessment of risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals, we'll design an individually tailored solution that works best for you.

About Jazz Education Network (JEN):
The Jazz Education Network is a global community that inspires collective improvisation in music, action and word. Our annual gathering fuels the conversation as students, teachers, pros and enthusiasts connect, learn, and jam to contribute to the distinctive art form called jazz. Jen is focused on Building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performances & developing audiences.