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Please Leave Let's Talk Podcast a Rating and Review Thumbnail

Please Leave Let's Talk Podcast a Rating and Review

I need a favor...

After you’ve listened to our Let's Talk podcast, we ask that you leave a rating, review, share or like, depending on the platform. This is essential to growing our listening audience and sharing this valuable content with others and we would be very grateful.

 It's easy, just click on the platform link and follow the instructions below:

  • iHeartRadio: Click the follow or share button at the top of the screen!
  • Spotify: Follow Tom's page by hitting the 'follow' button at the top of his profile! Click the + button to add the 'Let's Talk' podcast to your library! Click the three dots and then "share" to send the song to one of your friends!
  • Apple Podcasts:  Click the three dots and then hit subscribe, share or "save episode".
  • Audible: Leave a review by clicking "more options" then "write a review".

If you haven't listened to one of our podcasts, what are you waiting for!

Let's Talk focuses on bringing people, organizations, and their stories to our community of studio musicians, composers, conductors, orchestrators, and other freelance professionals. The podcast also features advice on finance, careers, and life.

If there is a particular topic or person you'd like to see in a future episode, let us know.