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Join our pre-launch Plectrum ACCELERATE beta group Thumbnail

Join our pre-launch Plectrum ACCELERATE beta group

We are finally getting to officially launch Plectrum ACCELERATE and would like you to join us as part of the beta user group before we roll out to the public.

ACCELERATE is an intuitive, easy to understand iPhone app that provides an effortless way to invest in your financial future. Simply link your bank account to our custodian TD Ameritrade and make contributions through the app, and your investments will be optimized.

Unlike traditional financial advisor professionals, our focus is on the nuances of today’s gig economy and how individuals entering the workforce more often earn income from many employers, and these sources of income are rarely the same each year. With both Plectrum Advisers and ACCELERATE, we plan to offer the highest level of guidance to navigate these unique challenges.

The app will provide access to:

  • Automated planning and portfolio building platform that saves and invests your money, with the added benefit of professional oversight from experienced investment advisors.
  • Instructional videos on how to best utilize the app
  • Educational blogs and newsletters, and a library of resources
  • Ability to schedule a 30 minute finance check-in chat with an experienced advisor call as needed
  • Annual personal consultation with a Registered Investment Advisor
  • For participating in the group, we’ll waive the monthly $29.99 monthly subscription fee for the first year and a 30% discount for the second year.

If you are interested, please reply back and we'll send you all the details.