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Interview with Mitch Glickman, KJazz 88.1 (LACMA concert Aug 3, 2018)

While recently performing at the LACMA Jazz Series,  I again had the good fortune to sit down for an interview with Kjazz 88 radio host, Mitch Glickman. award-winning composer, producer and conductor, and Director of Music Programs for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). 

While much our discussion was about music, we also talked about how I got into the business and a few life lessons along the way. While a little luck always helps, I also share my experience on how I approached the financial aspects of getting staying in the business.    

In the interview, we cover:

  • Moving from New York to California (2:15)
  • Recently recording, Day and Night (10:00)
  • How an interest in finance launched an advisory firm and phone app (25:05)

Listen to the interview here