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I look forward to speaking at PMA’s Production Music Conference Thumbnail

I look forward to speaking at PMA’s Production Music Conference

Learn about Independent Music Producers Career and Money Management: Music, Artistry and Money I, along with daughter Annmarie, are delighted to be invited to participate in a panel discussion this September at the Production Music Conference.

The Production Music Association (PMA) is the leading advocate and voice of the production music community. We are a non-profit organization with over 670 music publisher members, ranging from major labels to independent boutiques. Our mission is to elevate the unique value of production music and to ensure the viability of the production music industry. The PMA will strive to fulfill this mission in part through: Working with performing rights organizations, legislators, legal counsel and content creators in the aim of improving the reporting, monitoring, collection and distribution of performance fees and royalties for PMA members. Providing its members with a forum in which common issues can be discussed and decisions made. Educating its members and the marketplace about music rights and other issues affecting the production music community. Enhancing the value of PMA members’ music through research, education and public relations.