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Honored to speak at the JEN's 10th Annual Conference Thumbnail

Honored to speak at the JEN's 10th Annual Conference

I am very excited and grateful to be invited to speak at the JEN Conferences's Jazz Industry & Music Business Symposium. Along with my daughter Annmarie, we'll be presenting "Independent Musicians, Career and Money Management: Music, Artistry and Money" a 2-part speaking/performing session developed for music schools focused on helping independent musicians strengthen their finances. Discussions include how to begin investing early to help secure a solid financial future 

The Jazz Education Network is dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences. With a home base in the United States, and members in more than 23 countries, this thriving organization hosts a popular annual conference that serves teachers, students, artists, performing arts presenters, music industry partners, and more. It runs ongoing programs of scholarships for students and educators, student composition showcases, community outreach, music and instrument donations to schools in need, and mentoring with jazz pros and students.

Learn more on the conference website