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A Message Regarding the Financial Markets Thumbnail

A Message Regarding the Financial Markets

As you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the recent financial news, I wanted to share my thoughts that I hope will provide some clarity for you.  

What should we do? How do we make sense of this?

My advice to investors hasn’t changed. Pay attention to diversification. This is what will mitigate risk for a long term portfolio.

Should I sell before the market drops more?

Should I buy now that stocks are cheaper?

Neither of these actions will serve your long term objectives.

Neither “get in” nor “get out” are investment strategies. They represent gambling on moments in time, when investing should ALWAYS be a process over time.

My advice is to stay the course:

Don’t make investment decisions based on near term market volatility.

Stick to your plan.

Continue to invest reasonable amounts at regular intervals, regardless of where the market is.

I’m happy to chat via phone or email. Please feel free to reach out.


Tom Rizzo