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Episode # 4: Sam Zadori Thumbnail

Episode # 4: Sam Zadori

EPISODE 4: 'LET'S TALK' FEATURING Sam Zadori of Top Rate Financial.

Join us as we speak about Mortgage Financing for Freelance Professionals!



Table of Contents:

0:00 Intro

1:09 Let’s Meet Sam

3:40 Pay Expectations, Range of Rates, Time 

5:00 Specific Loan Types

9:32 Let’s Discuss Freelancer Challenges

12:59 FICO scores

17:44 Recent Purchase Reasonable Rates

22:50 Points Explanation

31:00 Closing Thoughts

More About This Episode:

In our 4th episode of the ‘Let's Talk’ podcast, we speak with Sam Zadori, Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Broker with Top Rate Financial, a Los Angeles-based full-service mortgage company serving individuals throughout California.

Sam shares insight from his years of experience working with professionals in the Entertainment Industry, who may have variable income, multiple income streams, residual income, or receive income through an S-Corp. In this podcast, Sam navigates the system for borrowers with unconventional income streams and still get the best rates.