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Episode # 3: Dave Zusman (WAAM) Thumbnail

Episode # 3: Dave Zusman (WAAM)

EPISODE 3: 'LET'S TALK' FEATURING Dave Zusman of the We Are All Music Foundation (WAAM).

Join us as we discuss Giving Back : Music and Philanthropy.



Table of Contents:

0:00 Intro

1:28 Let's Meet David

3:23 David's Background

8:35 WAAM's Vetting Process

10:00 WAAM's Wins

12:00 WAAM's Mission

13:50 WAAM's Grant Winners and Partnerships

24:00 Professional Investor Success Development

39:44 Closing Thoughts and Info about WAAM

More About This Episode:

When you’re ready to give back, how do you make sure your philanthropic donation makes a difference?

Our guest, David Zusman, co-founder of The “We Are All Music Foundation” (WAAM), shares with us how he’s created and structured this philanthropic organization to make sure all gifts have maximum impact.

As a highly successful investor and entrepreneur, David is committed to bringing the same level of intelligence, mindfulness, and accountability to the WAAM foundation that he brings to any of his business ventures.

WAAM’s primary objective is to help those in need in the music community. David shares insights on how WAAM accomplishes the goal of ensuring that all donations really help recipients in the best possible way, by employing the same standards of vetting, tracking, and accountability that he’s brought to all of his business ventures.

We hope you enjoy listening to this timely and enlightening episode.