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Episode 16: Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, FMSMF-What is New Media? Thumbnail

Episode 16: Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, FMSMF-What is New Media?

Join is to discuss all things new media with Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, Executive Director, Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund as we cover:

  • What Is new media and how it affects royalty payments?
  • The sources of new media Inflow 
  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)
  • Free to the Consumer Advertising Advertiser Supported Services (AVOD)
  • Why the contract is the gold standard.
  • The importance of naming a beneficiary


Full Episode:

Table of Contents:

For more information about the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund and Kim Roberts Hedgpeth please visit www.fmsmf.org

More About Our Guest:

 Kim Roberts Hedgpeth is Executive Director of the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund, a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization established to track, collect and distribute residual payments for the re-use of theatrical and television motion pictures in “supplemental” markets as defined by the Film and Television Agreements between the Studios and the American Federation of Musicians. The Fund also serves as a resource for motion picture professionals in fostering the motion picture industry. The Executive Director is the chief executive of the Fund, determines Fund policy and is responsible for all Fund operations, management of Fund contributions, and ensuring that the Fund carries out its obligations as defined by the Collective Bargaining Agreements. During the past five years, collections by the Fund have averaged $81 Million annually.