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"Independent Musicians, Career and Money Management: Music, Artistry and Money"...

Tom Rizzo regulary speaks to music media, at industry conferences, and university music departments on finance, investing, and career development.      

Tom combines a unique format of speaking/performing presentation focused on helping independent musicians strengthen their finances. Discussions include how to begin investing early to help secure a solid financial future and provide invaluable advice to develop the discipline necessary to maintain a level of success. Through a topical presentation, combined with a musical performance, the program is designed to enrich cultural life for the attendee artist audiance with engaging financial education. 

“On behalf of Production Music Association, thank you for so generously giving your time to present at our conference, The conference provides unique professional development opportunities and many related benefits for production music publisher and composers. While our members put enormous energy and talent into promoting his or her career-creative development, networking, keeping up with what others are doing. As a established career musician, Tom Rizzo related so well and really connected with our attendees. His session gave insight into how success also involves knowing how to grow the assets that you already have, in the most efficient, risk appropriate way. We are extremely grateful that Tom participated in this event and contributed so significantly to its success.”
Morgan McKnight, Executive Director, Production Music Conference

Organizations that Tom has presented to include:

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Tom Rizzo, financial planner
Tom Rizzo, Annmarie Rizzo, and band
Tom Rizzo and Annmarie Rizzo

Presentation excerpt

Performance excerpt

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