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‘ACCELERATE is the iPhone app for first time investors’

ACCELERATE offered through Plectrum Advisers

ACCELERATE is an intuitive, easy to understand iPhone app that provides an effortless way to invest in your financial future. Simply link your bank account to our custodian TD Ameritrade and make contributions through the app, and your investments will be optimized.

Why Invest?

Investing is a way to build wealth. It’s not just for the wealthy – anyone can invest. It’s easy, and important, to get started as soon as possible. Here’s why:

The Opportunity Cost of Waiting

Waiting until 30 to start investing is ~$300,000 in lost interest (est.)*

*Values are based on investing start ages of 25 and 30 respectively with an initial investment amount of $10,000, a monthly contribution of $1,000, and an assumed rate of return of 10%. Assumed returns are for illustration only and are not necessarily indicative of ACCELERATE ’s portfolio performance. 

This graph is presented merely for illustrative purposes. This example is hypothetical and does not represent any specific clients, investments or strategies. Investors must make their own decisions based on their specific investment objectives and financial circumstances.

Now you understand that:

Everyone should invest.

Investing is simple, thanks to ACCELERATE.

There's never a better time than today to start.

Making regular contributions is important to  your future.

As a first time investor, you probably have a lot of questions:

Where do you start?

Roth vs Traditional?

401k vs IRA?

Stocks or bonds?

Actively managed mutual funds vs passive index funds? Which ones? What’s the best allocation?

How much should I save?

Answering these questions without proper guidance is difficult...

ACCELERATE takes care of all this for you.

ACCELERATE is a technology gateway that can be accessed via a mobile device app and allows you to leverage the Plectrum Advisers investment philosophy securely in a TD Ameritrade account.

Investment Philosophy

ACCELERATE's portfolios designed by Plectrum Advisers diversify risk across many asset categories to maximize long term returns specifically for young, first time investors.

Peace of Mind

ACCELERATE hosts your investments at TD Ameritrade. Your investments and personal information are protected by bank level security.


Automatically links to your funding source

Seamlessly opens your own brokerage account

Allows you to automatically contribute funds to your brokerage account

Purchases investments in correct proportions, rebalances yearly, and reinvests dividends - all automatically.

Download ACCELERATE from the App store today, and start investing to secure your financial future!

* ACCELERATE is technology gateway developed by Plectrum Advisers to allow consumers to become clients of Plectrum Advisers without visiting our offices. ACCELERATE acts as a portal to collect client data, and guides the consumer in completing a risk capacity survey, and investment timeline/horizon. ACCELERATE also assists in facilitating the opening of the client account with Plectrum Advisers’ custodian, TD Ameritrade. Once the client funds the account, their investment is allocated to a model portfolio developed and monitored by Plectrum Advisers. Best of all, whether you found us through our more traditional Plectrum Advisers office or the app store, you are provided the same standard of care and suitability.