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Drip FAQ

Looking for answers? You’ve come to the right place! Our FAQ section is here to help you get started and moving in the right direction. Keep an eye out for regularly added updates as well.


Drip is an easy to understand iPhone app that provides a painless way to secure your financial future. Drip helps you save money, invest that money in a systematic low fee way that affords you the maximum amount of reward for a given amount of risk.

How much does it cost to use Drip?

A fee of .5% per annum from $0-$100,000 and .4% for $100,000 and higher of assets under management (AUM).

How do I fund my account?

Using Drip, you can easily link your savings or checking account to TD Ameritrade and will be able to designate an initial amount. You can also set up a monthly contribution amount and choose the day the transfer will occur. This can be changed at any time.

Can I transfer my outside account so that I can use Drip?

Definitely, you can transfer from any existing account you already have to a TD Ameritrade account using Drip. Call our service team and they will walk you through the process. It’s easy.

How do I get started with Drip?

First, download Drip from the AppStore. Then, enter your user info, create an account, and let the app walk you through the onboarding process. It’s similar to opening a bank account. Once the account is verified, you can fund the account as you would like, and Drip takes care of the rest. 

Can I roll over a 401k, 403b or other retirement account into an IRA?

Yes, call our service team and they will help you roll over any pre tax account you have elsewhere into a rollover IRA with TD Ameritrade. Plectrum Advisers does not offer 401k or 401b accounts

What types of accounts does Drip currently support?

With Drip you can open an after tax account, An IRA, or a Roth IRA.

What am I investing in?

Drip invests your money in a well diversified portfolio of Index Funds and ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds).

How do I add funds to my investment portfolio?

Drip provides an easy way to create a link between your checking or savings account and Drip. You can designate a one time amount, and/or choose a monthly amount to transfer.

How do I transfer my IRA to Drip?

Call our service team and they will walk you through the process. It’s easy.

How long does it take for my rollover to be completed?

It depends on where your other account is held. Generally it takes about 4-15 business days for the transfer to complete.

How long does it take to transfer money?

Transfers usually take 2 business days.

Is there a minimum deposit or balance?

There is no minimum balance requirement.

What is the relationship between Plecturm Advisers, Drip and TD Ameritrade?
- Drip is a technology gateway that can be access via a mobile device app.
- Plectrum Adviser is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
- TD Ameritrade is a custodian where all of your assets are held.

Any reference to Drip in this website indicates that it is the technology platform that allows consumers to become clients of Plectrum Advisers. Plectrum Advisers makes all the investment decisions. TD Ameritrade is the custodian that holds all assets. Neither Drip or  Plectrum Advisers. has custody of client asset